Your aura is the electromagnetic energy field that surrounds your entire body.  It’s a reflection of what is energetically going on 4[1]with you at any given moment in time – and changes as you mood, thoughts, feelings and general outlook change.  This can happen quickly as feelings surface, subjects are discussed and points of views shift. 

 Auras are usually made up of one or two (sometimes more) dominant colors.  The actual colors, their clarity and their distribution throughout the aura are indicative of how you are feeling and what issues you might currently be dealing with.  It gives you information to work with – to help you make wise choices.


Every person also has seven main energy centers (chakras) in his/her body.
     Root/Base:  basic survival instincts

     Navel/Sacral:  who you are (career, family, friends, etc)
     Solar Plexus:  self-confidence, self-worth, personal power
     Heart:  love (self, others), forgiveness (self, others), anger, grief
     Throat:  communication, bitterness, judgment
     Third Eye/Brow:  intuition
     Crown:  connection to higher power
The size, shape, color and clarity of the chakras will change as your way of thinking about and handling life’s challenges begins to shift – again providing you with the information needed to make wise decisions.

aurafull[1]An Aura Photo captures a person’s aura (energy field) and chakras (energy centers) converts them to a picture on a computer screen and prints them onto paper so that they can be physically seen.  Then I can look with you at the size and shape of your aura and chakras, as well as their actual colors, color clarity and color distribution in order to help you interpret what information is being provided for you to assess.  This gives you clues as to what is going on behind the scenes of your life.  Then you will have a better idea of what needs to be worked on or changed in order to take control of the direction in which you want you life to head – if that is what you want to do. 

Often detectable in the head view of an aura photo are a person’s
Guardian Angel
Spirit Guides and Animal Totems
Hierarchy AnAuras[1]gels
          Metatron:  books & records
          Michael:  courage & bravery
          Gabriel:  messages
          Raphael:  healing
          Uriel:  new beginnings
          Asmodal: communication
          Barchiel:  trust & intuition

Therefore, lessons to be learned and challenges to work through are reflected in your aura and chakras – and physically seen in your aura photo.  Do understand that there is no such thing as a “bad” aura photo.  They simply give information to work with. 

At an AUR13446536-woman-and-man-energy-body-aura-chakras-silhouette[1]A PHOTO PARTY you and a group of friends and/or family members can see for yourselves exactly what your auras have to say.  Get together for a day (or evening) of understanding and enlightenment.  Find out how you are doing physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  Obtain the information necessary to allow for choices to be decided upon and for changes to be made.  Each person will receive an Aura Photo, personal interpretation and computer print-out.  

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