In The Now CD

This CD helps you to de-stress and relax.  It helps you to understand and embrace the awesome person that you are right now – in this very moment.

Peaceful Breath teaches you how to use your breath to specifically relax every part of your body – allowing each muscle in your body to become limp and loose, to completely relax.

Now helps you to understand that NOW is as it should be.  Everything is taking place as it needs to.  So celebrate the person you are right now – in this very moment.

Understanding Yourself gives you insight (with the assistance of your Guardian Angel and any other Guides and Angels who are present) into the person you are – as well as how you came to be your current self.  What influences molded you into the unique person you have become.

Right Now explores the majesty all around you – and the beauty within yourself.  This precious gift is yours to live, to experience and to embrace, RIGHT NOW!.