Go With The Flow CD

This CD helps you to relax into your day.  You will be cleansed and then guided to create a special beauty within yourself.  You will then be able to peacefully allow yourself some precious time to just be.

The Waterfall is a wonderful cleansing meditation.  As you become mesmerized by the power of a majestic waterfall, the strength yet gentleness of the flow of the water will assist you in washing away all of the tension and stress that you have been accumulating within your body – revitalizing and protecting you.

Flow Into Your Day helps you to have that “perfect” day.  You will learn how the way in which you start your day (awaken) determines how the rest of your day will play out.  Will it go smoothly and flow peacefully?  Or will be be a day filled with struggles and discord?

Inner Crystal works with the fact that our bodies are 80% water – and with Masaru Emoto’s water crystal theory.  It helps you to form beautiful crystals within yourself – for beauty within is reflected without.

Free To Just Be is all about being present in your life.  Visiting the past can give you valuable information and planning for the future helps you to get where you want to go.  However, living in the present moment is what life is all about.