General Meditations CD

This un-themed CD contains a sampling of different kinds of relaxing meditations.  Some facilitate both mental and physical relaxation.  Others take you on calm, serene  journeys.  Another helps to  find your own personal sanctuary.  This CD contains the following peaceful meditations.

Natural Breath uses your own breath to release tension and totally relax your entire body.  As you breathe easily and comfortably, you will notice a variety of sensations that help you to effortlessly unwind and relax.  Yet you will end the meditation totally revitalized and refreshed.

In This Moment helps you to relax and release all tension from every part of your body.  You are then guided to realize that everything in your life, on this planet, in this universe is as it should be.  You can then become totally present in your life and fully appreciate being a part of all that is.

Sanctuary helps you to create, in your mind’s eye, your own private sanctuary.  This is a place of peace and serenity where you can go whenever you need to relax, become centered and connect with your guides and angels.  It is a place that only you know about and where nobody can enter without being invited by you.

Visions Of A Rainbow takes you on a peaceful journey with your own personal guide into a beautiful rainbow.  You will explore each of the beautiful, vibrant colors while absorbing all of its attributes into your own body.

Starlight  takes you on a journey into the cosmos.  You will experience and absorb the unconditional love and brilliant light of a beautiful star.  You will be guided to allow this star to connect its celestial presence with your soul’s earthly vessel.