Empowerment is about regaining and retaining the control necessary to direct the outcome of your own life.

 Are You Feeling

Ø  Like nobody understands you?

Ø  That your wants/needs don’t matter?

Ø  Unhappy with the direction your life has taken?empowerment32[1]

Ø  Trapped in no-win situations?

Ø  Powerless to make changes?

Ø  Unsure how to achieve the life you desire?


Empowerment Counseling works on discovering what is holding you back from achieving your heart’s desire.

Empowerment Counseling allows me to help my clients identify what is holding them back – the root cause(s) of the symptoms and emotions that are being experienced.  Counseling helps you to uncover, decipher and reframe the automatic thoughts and core beliefs that have been subconsciously directing your entire life.  While I am a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, my energy background has also taught me of more holistic concepts, approaches and methods of treating all aspects of a person – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. 

Dealing with only the specific issue(s) brought up during an initial counseling consultation could potentially leave significant contributing factors unresolved.  When treating only the stated problem, the likelihood of that original concern resurfacing in the future (as well as others not initially addressed) is significant.  This tends to occur when the underlying causes prompting a person to seek counseling have not been successfully uncovered, acknowledged and addressed. 

It is well known that many forms of dis-ease have causes other than the initial presenting symptoms – i.e. ulcers (physical), while irritated by certain foods (physical), are often aggravated by stress (mental, emotional); asthma (physical), while it  can be triggered by allergens (physical), can also be brought about by fear, anxiety, anger (mental, emotional); neck pain (physical) can have a structural component (physical) and/or be aggravated by stress and tension (mental, emotional); depressionEmpowerment[1] and/or anxiety (mental, emotional) may have roots in a chemical imbalance (physical) and so on.

Empowerment Coaching works on helping you to move forward with goal-achieving strategies.

Once the underlying issue(s) are known, Empowerment Coaching can help you to move forward by finding the right combination of techniques and goal achieving strategies to manifest the life that you truly desire.   We will work together to figure out who you really are (separate and apart from everybody else in your life).  What are your likes and dislikes, wishes and desires?  What really matters in your life – and who does and/or should it matter too?  We can then work to problem solve issues of daily living, explore life paths and strategize ways to achieve your desired results. 

By taking all aspects of who you are into account, Empowerment Counseling and Coaching helps to integrate your mind, body and spirit into one unstoppable individual.

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