Past Life Regression (PLR) Therapy can be quite useful when conventional counseling or therapy, which tends to concentrate on experiences from this lifetime, does not provide enough relief or lasting change.  PLR2[1]Sometimes the root cause of issues, PLR2[1]which can manifest into a wide variety of symptoms, stems from a previous lifetime.  Past life journeys can help to foster a clearer understanding of unresolved issues that are affecting your current quality of life.

In our present as well as past lives, we often create scripts that include dramas which tend repeat over and over again, creating limitations as to how our life will unfold.  PLR Therapy helps release the limits to your growth and well-being (physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually) that have been directed by past events, challenges and/or traumas.

Past life issues that could be affecting your current life might include

Phobias and Fears

Loss                                       Authority
Betrayal                                 Inferiority
Rejection                               Powerlessness
Intimacy                                 Failure
Self-Expression                    Death

Emotional Conflicts and Relationship Problems
Health Issues and Physical Ailments
Anxiety, Depression and Other Mental Illnesses
Grief and After Death Communication
Blocks, Limiting Beliefs and Repeating Patterns
Talents and Gifts
Contracts, Agreements and Vows

Unlocking the past can be the key to your future.

The PLR process is directed by your higher self with neutral guidance from the PLR therapist.  While in a state of deep relaxation, significant events, beliefs, feelings and relationship patterns from the past (which are influencing the present) can be retrieved – and healed, when necessary and appropriate.  New life scripts can be written when desired.

Ultimately this can help you to release the blockages that have been unconsciously constructed, which are keeping you from remembering your spiritual identity and purpose in this lifetime.  Unlocking the past can be the key to your future.  So open that door and walk on through to a life of fulfillment and happiness.  Only you hold the key to unlock the door to your future.


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