New Year, New You CD

This CD will help you to relax and find your way toward the self that matters (YOU) as well as the strength that you have always harbored within yourself.  You will go on a journey to find and connect with your Guardian Angel and Animal Spirit Guides.

The Fire is a cleansing meditation.  It allows the warmth of an inviting and totally relaxing fireplace fire help all of the stress and tension throughout your body to simply melt away.

Finding Your Way takes you on a journey to a peacefully isolated beach where you meet up with your Guardian Angel, Life Totem and Power Animal.  You will receive guidance and valuable insight from them along the way.

Self Matters takes a look back at the life that has made you into incredible person you are today.  Without your unique past you would not have become the person who is your present.  You will then venture forward in order to care for and nurture the self-embracing person you are to become.

Inner Sanctuary is that comfortable place where you can go when needing to become calm, centered and connected with spirit – with yourself.  It is a place that only you can access.  You have the only key and nobody can enter without being personally invited by you.