Core Beliefs CD

This working (not relaxing) CD first teaches you how to breathe as babies do – fully and completely.  It then assists you in uncovering what your core beliefs are – why you think the way you do, act and react as you do – how you came to believe in what you unconditionally accept as truth.  You will then be guided to re-framing and releasing any limiting core beliefs.

Revitalize guides you in the act of practicing controlled and efficient breathing – Pranayama.  The majority of humans engage in shallow breathing which utilizes only a small portion of our lung capacity.  Because of this our cells don’t receive the optimal amount of oxygen needed to function efficiently.  Pranayama can help to correct this.

Reveal takes you, your guardian angel and any other angels and spirit guides who want to accompany you on a journey of discover.  This journey is designed to help you uncover and understand som of the core beliefs that have been direction your life.

Rewrite guides you in re-writing your self-defeating and no longer useful core beliefs into ones that are self-affirming and can help lead you into your future.  These new core beliefs can then be incorporated into the belief system of the person you are striving to become.

Release assists you in releasing your old, out-dated core beliefs so that you will be free to totally incorporate your new belief system into one of empowerment.