Essential Oils
Essential Oils are a precious gift that Mother Earth has provided for the inhabitants of her planet.  These oils come from Earth’s plant kingdom – from the roots, stems, bark, sap, leaves and flowers of various species of plants.  Essential oils are the life essence of plants, just like blood is the life essence of both humans and animals.

Usage of these oils dates back thousands of years.  In fact, jars of essential oils have been unearthed in the tombs of Egyptian pharaohs – all still just as powerful and effective as they were when the tombs were sealed.

When essential oils are of the highest quality (untouched by chemical pesticides, harvested at the optimum time in their growth cycle, cold processed in stainless st3695[1]eel distillers so as not to change/destroy their properties and not mixed/diluted with other substances) chances are they will pass all tests necessary to be classified as therapeutic grade.  As such, the restorative value of these oils allows them to help balance all systems of the body.  They have the frequency, potency and life force necessary to continue the work they started – as man’s first true medicine.

Therapeutic grade essential oils can help to heal the body, mind and spirit.  When applied to the body, these oils are absorbed into the skin, traveling down the dermal levels into the interstitial fluids where they enter the bloodstream within minutes.  However, they do not accumulate in the body, and therefore, cannot become toxic.

Certain oils (especially the ones used in Raindrop Technique) have anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-parasitic and anti-inflammatory properties.  Therefore, they are helpful in fighting the various pathogens that travel throughout the body as well as the inflammation they cause.

Energetically, some oils are able to work on balancing and strengthening the aura and chakra systems of the body. Other oils have been found to stimulate the re-growth of various tissues and nerves within the body.  Still other essential oils have been known to improve the immune system.  The oils associated with Raindrop have also been used around the world as a way to assist with pain, detoxification, emotional well-being, scoliosis, a wide variety of infections and immunity  boosting.

3137[1]Raindrop Technique
Raindrop is a technique that was inspired by a beautiful Native American Lakota tradition.  Gary Young, founder of Young Living Essential Oils, wanted to create a similar spiritual experience using individual and blended therapeutic grade essential oils – those that meet or exceed industry standards for quality and purity.

This powerfully energizing technique that Gary developed is a highly effective, non-invasive method for balancing and rejuvenating all levels of the body, mind and spirit – bringing one back into structural, electrical and energetic alignment.

Raindrop technique is based on the theory that some forms of scoliosis and spinal misalignment can be caused by various viruses or bacteria that lie dormant, often for decades, along the spine. These pathogens create inflammation, which can contort and disfigure the spinal column resulting in weakened body systems. Raindrop technique facilitates the restoration of balance and normal function to weakened body systems, promoting balance and harmony on all levels (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual).

The anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory oils which are used along the bottom of the feet and along the spine facilitate the reduction of inflammation while inactivating the virus and/or bacteria responsible for the  symptoms being experienced.  Other oils can help to alleviate pain, immune issues, spine irregularities, etc. by affecting one’s muscular and nervous systems.  This unique combination of oils promotes energy and vitality while allowing the body to purify itself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  This purification and re-alignment process will continue to positively affect the body for at least five to seven days following treatment.

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