Connections CD

This CD will first help you to become totally relaxed.  You will then go on a special journey in order to discover who your life totem and power animal are.  You will then be guided to experience the security and serenity of your own private sanctuary.

Relaxation helps your to release the stress and tension that you are holding within your body.  You will be guided to progressively relax every muscle throughout your entire body in order to experience a feeling of total, deep relaxation.

Animal Totems takes you on a journey to meet your animal totems.  You will first discover who your life totem is.  Your journey will then continue on in order to find your power animal.  By knowing your life totem and power animal you will be better able to connect with them and benefit from their guidance.

Sanctuary will transport you to your own private sanctuary within yourself.  It is a very special and safe place where you can escape to in order to relax, gain clarity and connect with spirit.