Tachyon energy is an all encompassing energy.  It is extremely powerful, yet amazingly gentle.  Tachyon is not a specific type of energy and is not limited to a certain frequency.  Rather, it includes all energies within itself, having no negative or unwanted side effects.

tachyonman[1]What Tachyon energy does is to give one’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies the chance to be positively affected.  One’s body will take whatever it needs at any given moment in order to self-heal and return to a natural state of harmony, balance and strength.

A Tachyon Energy Boost can be added to any other healing modality – or used by itself to simply improve one’s day.  In addition to the Tachyon Energy Boost you will also receive a gemstone donut on a silk cord.  This donut will be infused with Tachyon energy based on the needs of your own body.  You can then wear it as a piece of jewelry or simply carry it with you as you go about your day.  Placing it on your headboard before retiring can help to provide a peaceful night’s sleep.

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